If you’re keen to get a new blog off the ground but need some support and advice, a WriteBlogEarn workshop could be just what you need.

These workshops are available on a strictly limited basis and each is for a set number of participants (usually just three). This is to ensure you get the teamwork and accountability benefits of working in a group, but in a small enough format to ensure that everyone properly benefits from personalised advice.

Workshops can give you all the benefits of mentorship without the need to pay for one-to-one support.


Current Workshops

New Year, New Blog: February – March 2019

This blogging workshop is available exclusively to HomeWorkingClub readers who’ve previously expressed an interest in support with their sites. The workshop is offered at a reduced price as it’s a pilot of this format.

The workshop will involve three participants working directly with me. It is suited to you if you either:

  • Already have a blog that’s launched and in its early stages.
  • Have a blog idea (or two) that you’re ready to get started on.

Before I can accept anyone for the workshop, I will need to get in contact to verify that the workshop is relevant and that you have the basic technical skills required to progress. This is to ensure that everyone on the workshop has a compatible level of knowledge. 

What’s Involved?

The graphic below shows you what you can expect from this pilot workshop.

New Year New Blog 2019

The Group Sessions

There will be three group sessions as part of this workshop:

Session One – “The Introduction”

This session will give each of the three participants a chance to introduce their blog plans and receive some live feedback. We’ll look at how feasible and competitive the niches are, discuss possible routes to making money from each, and decide some next steps for each of the blogs, all as part of the workshop.

This session will last one hour, and – like all the workshop modules – will be conducted via Zoom, which allows for group video chat and screen sharing.

Session Two – “Behind the Scenes”

Our second session will introduce some “trade secrets,” with a behind-the-scenes presentation of the day-to-day life of HomeWorkingClub.com, and a chance for everyone to ask questions.

We’ll cover things like:

  • How such sites make money, and how much!
  • The essential tools and plugins used to run the site.
  • How the site has gained momentum, and picked up links and PR coverage.

This is the kind of information I wouldn’t freely share, nor write blog posts about! 

This session will last one hour.

Session Three – “The Wrap Up”

This closing session will look back on everything we’ve covered in the blog evaluations, support environment, and previous group sessions. We will review the work done on the blogs over the period, and determine the recommended steps for each blogger to take next.

This session will last one hour.


  • We have an online scheduling tool in place to ensure each session is held at a convenient time for all participants, allowing for timezones.
  • Sessions will be held 7-10 days apart to allow everyone to work on their blogs between times.

Blog evaluation

Blog Evaluations

As part of the “New Year, New Blog” workshop, each participant will also receive a personal evaluation of their blog.

Also available separately, these evaluations look at everything from technical site issues to missed opportunities for income. At the end, you receive a detailed report, along with plenty of suggestions for what to do next.

If you’re accepted to participate in the workshop, it will be entirely up to you when you’d like the blog evaluation to take place. If your blog is already live, it could make sense for me to do my evaluation early on. If you’ve yet to start, you’d perhaps prefer to wait until the end.

Personalised Support

For the duration of “New Year, New Blog” workshop, there will be an exclusive Slack group in place, allowing all participants to send instant messages to Ben, to the entire workshop group, or to each other.

This means that everyone will have the ability to ask the questions they need to as they go along, without any need to wait until the next group session.

Blog Exposure

The aim of “New Year, New Blog” is to end the workshop with three blogs that are ready and waiting for lots of fresh traffic!

To give everybody a boost from the start, all participant’s sites will be included as part of features on both WriteBlogEarn and HomeWorkingClub, and shared on social media channels. This is the kind of exposure that usually costs companies money, and provides a potential way to find a new audience.

Blog exposure

Some Important Points

  1. No technical support is included as part of the New Year, New Blog workshop. While you needn’t be a technical guru to participate, you will be expected to be self-sufficient in administering your blog and using WordPress.
  2. Best efforts will be made to answer questions posed via the Slack group, but there will be “within reason” limitations to this, which will remain entirely at the discretion of WriteBlogEarn. It’s obviously not feasible for anybody to spend a month or more constantly answering questions!
  3. WriteBlogEarn workshops are aimed at self-starters who want help, support and accountability, and are serious about making a success of their blogs. The success of any blog is entirely based on the work you put in, both throughout the duration of the workshop period and in the months and years that follow. Participating in a workshop doesn’t mean that you will be guaranteed a successful online business!

Pricing and How to Sign Up

As explained, this pilot workshop is exclusively on offer to existing HomeWorkingClub members who have expressed an interest in such projects. It is also strictly limited to three participants.

Based on the number of people who have expressed an interest, it seems highly likely slots will sell out very quickly.

The price for everything included in the pilot project is $179. 

This comprises:

  • 3 x group coaching sessions (a total of three hours – this would cost $357 if you opted for one-to-one coaching).
  • An evaluation of your blog and a written report (usually $59 on its own).
  • Ongoing support for the duration of the workshop (four to six weeks).
  • Exposure and links to your blogs.

The pilot project and the work involved will inform the future pricing of workshops like this, but it seems unlikely such a workshop will ever be on offer again here for less than $249.

Signing Up

  • Use the PayPal payment box below to sign up for this pilot course. You will need to pay a 20% deposit.
  • If you manage to win a place, I will be in touch by email to discuss your blog project(s) and ensure you are a suitable fit.
  • If you are a suitable participant, we will discuss exact dates and arrange payment of the remaining workshop fee.
  • If you’re not a suitable fit, your deposit payment will be refunded in full and the place made available again.
  • This form will only accept four potential participants before switching to “out of stock.”


Missed Out?

If you didn’t manage to grab a slot on the workshop on this occasion, there are a few things you can do:

  • Contact me directly to ask to go on the waiting list. I will then be in touch if a slot comes up, or when the next workshop is available. It is well worth doing this, as the first few participants may not qualify for the pilot, resulting in spaces becoming available.
  • Have a look at the other services I have available. If you already have a blog and would like some help, a standalone blog evaluation could help, and details are here.
  • Book a personal one-to-one mentorship session, starting at $99 – details are here.

Future Workshops

Future workshops will be announced on this page when details become available.