Welcome to WriteBlogEarn, an online resource for aspiring writers and bloggers.

I’m Ben Taylor, and I set up this site in response to the many people who asked for my help getting started in the exciting worlds of writing and blogging.

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The Background

To fill you in on exactly how WriteBlogEarn came about, here’s a little background:

In 2017, I set up HomeWorkingClub.com, an online resource for aspiring freelancers and home workers in all market sectors. The site now has tens of thousands of monthly readers. It aims to provide help to everyone from stay at home mums looking for side gigs, to “six figure” consultants who wish to base themselves at home.

One thing that I noticed very soon after setting up the site was that, for many, the freelance dream involves writing, blogging, or a combination of the two. A survey of readers confirmed that these activities hold particular appeal.

Many people asked me for more articles about writing and blogging, and several people asked if they could pay for individual coaching, mentorship, and help with their personal projects.

This left me with a dilemma:

HomeWorkingClub was never supposed to be purely about writing and blogging work. While there was a solid proportion of readers who wanted to know about these things, there were plenty more who wanted me to spend more time on other topics too. I was also reluctant to dilute the purity of HomeWorkingClub by trying to sell services to people who may have no interest in them.

So I’d identified the problem – I just needed the solution.

The Birth of WriteBlogEarn

Where I struggled to move forward was in determining exactly what kind of secondary site I should create.

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As far as I could see, the internet was more than adequately supplied with information on starting a blog or launching a writing career! Was there really room, let alone need, for another blog on this topic?

As I chatted more to my readers, the gap in the market started to appear more clearly. While there’s tons of this information online, the sites providing it seem to split into three distinct categories:

  1. Sites with a distinct lean towards the technical – filled with lots of jargon, and written with the presumption of existing knowledge.
  2. “Hard sell” sites, aimed at beginners, usually out to convince them that there’s a secret or system to establishing a blogging or writing career. Grabbing hold of that elusive secret or system invariably involves signing up for an expensive product or membership scheme!
  3. Straight-up scam sites, some more obvious than others.

This situation means that despite a wealth of online information, there are plenty of people struggling to find honest, trustworthy advice about writing and blogging. Perhaps you’re one of them?

The Solution

Identifying a problem and finding a solution are two different things. You don’t solve the problem of there being too many sites selling writing and blogging products by starting another one the same!

As such, I knew I had to do things differently. So, how’s this for different? I’m going to put it right out there and say two things:

  • There’s NO guarantee of income and success from starting a blog.
  • Freelance writing is a difficult career path, even for those who are excellent writers.

Those two things should be extremely obvious, yet the majority of sites seem to suggest these careers are within easy reach of everyone. They’re not.

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What to Expect

My statements above set the tone; Honesty is what you get at WriteBlogEarn.

People can and do make a living from writing and blogging. Many bloggers make literally millions. Those that do aren’t just good writers, they’re good marketers, good business people and – most importantly – driven and committed workers.

This stuff doesn’t come easy. On WriteBlogEarn, there are free resources and plenty of articles for those who just want to test the water. Then there are options for workshops, coaching sessions and other services for those willing to invest a little in their careers.

What you won’t find here is hard sell, empty promises and long sales pages that give you unrealistic expectations. I don’t want to work with people who expect success to fall into their lap with minimum effort. Life simply doesn’t work like that. There’s plenty on the internet for people to buy and disappoint themselves with, but I’m not selling it.

The Realities

Blogging is a real pleasure, but it’s hard work to make money from it. If you don’t do your research and choose a niche people care about, you can waste a tremendous amount of time.

Freelance writing is even less forgiving. So many people are convinced they want to write for a living that competition is fierce. Being completely honest, many people who want to write simply aren’t good enough at it to succeed. Buying a course or signing up to a membership scheme isn’t going to change that.

BUT…if you want it enough and are willing to work hard, you could join the many people – myself included -whose lives revolve around writing and blogging.

Writing and blogging

A decade ago, I started my first blog when I spent some time living abroad. Since then I’ve worked on some very successful projects and wasted time on some complete non-starters; I’ve spent thousands of hours writing about topics I love, and hundreds writing about topics that bored me to death. I’ve enjoyed the buzz of articles going “viral,” seen myself in magazines, newspapers and on big name websites, signed up advertisers and – best of all – received lots of messages thanking me for the advice I’ve provided.

That’s what I’m here to do with WriteBlogEarn – provide honest advice, and help you more formally if you wish.

Have a browse of the site and see if you like what you see – there’s plenty here that won’t cost you a penny. If you want some help moving things forward, the services I offer may be of interest.

What I’m not going to do is bug you to “buy buy buy” anything. It’s entirely up to you whether you invest time, money or both in the future you desire.

I’ll be here waiting with encouragement and honesty when you decide 🙂

Ben Taylor, January 2019.